Flu clinics are available to book - please ring 01970 624545 to book today. 

How you can help us

We ask you to use the service we provide in a responsible way. In particular we would ask that: 

    • If you have an appointment, please keep it or give adequate notice if you wish to cancel
    • Doctors’ and nurses’ time is limited and they have many patients to see. Please do not delay us without good reason and be aware that there are other patients who need to consult as well. There are however, occasions when you or another patient will need a longer consultation. Sometimes this will delay your consultation. Please take this into account when you are waiting, because you may need a longer consultation at some time
    • We can see more patients in surgery than when home visiting. Please come to the surgery whenever possible rather than requesting a visit. You may of course request a visit if serious illness or infirmity prevents you from attending the surgery
    • We ask our staff to treat you with courtesy and friendliness, and would ask you to treat our staff in the same way. It is not their fault if doctors are delayed.

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